About Time And Payroll Management

Why Choose T&PM?

Our software can help with managing your company's employee attendance, HR, payroll and projects management. The admin is provided with the following functions: Graphical dashboard, manage attendance, employee GPS tracking, Staff scheduling, auto-punch, overtime, payroll, Jobs, projects, internal messaging, HR, leave and holidays. Employee self-service interface is designed to be totally mobile adaptive, and some of the features are as follows: Punch in-out, GPS location, edit timesheet, submit timesheet, project status report, daily job description, project mileage and expense tracking, leave request, pay-day calendar, update profile and Internal messaging. T&PM is dedicated to providing premium services and products to small business. We are devoted to excellence in every facet of our business, and strive to go above and beyond our client’s expectations. Our never ending system development pushes us to our limits and beyond what may have previously been thought possible. We are innovators and developers leading the way to a more comprehensive and cohesive time and payroll management system.

Our Mission

Time and Payroll Management, is a business solution developer and a provider of data-powered business applications. Located in Durham, North Carolina, T&PM offers online tools and services that help businesses maximize income by cutting costs and increasing productivity.T&PM is cloud based, dynamic, scalable, easy to use, customizable and highly affordable. We continuously improve our systems to take on the new challenges that businesses face every day, and seamlessly upload these modules to our server where clients can easily implement them.

Our Team

Each member of our team receives expert training, support, and performance-based recognition with plenty of opportunities and room for advancement. A business is defined by the way it treats its employees, and at T&PM we do our upmost to treat our team with the respect and recognition that they deserve. The vendors and contractors that we conduct business with are likewise given our respect and honesty when working with our company. Honesty and integrity are the core of what we do, and we exemplify these qualities in all of our business dealings.

Our Objective

To provide the best service and product possible.
As a sole proprietorship, we do not have to answer to shareholders who would require us to sacrifice the quality of our product and service to attain a higher profit. Instead, we put our customer’s needs first and focus on ensuring every client we have the privilege of working with is 100% satisfied with our product. It is our mission to continue to expand our research and development so we can continue to provide premium service and a superior product to our customers.

Our Team

Davood Soleymani

Sales Manager

Chuck Shomo

Senior Programmer

Christean Scott


Lilyanna Dyson

Marketing Director